Kama Industries Limited (KIL) is a private company incorporated in 1993 under the Companies Code 1963 of Ghana. KIL commenced operations in 2009 carrying on the business of manufacturing pharmaceutical products for sale in the Ghanaian market.

KIL was an indigenous Ghanaian Pharmaceutical Company which was originally owned by Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo, an accomplished and a distinguished Ghanaian Pharmacist. In May 2015, Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited, a pharmaceutical company based in South Africa, acquired majority shareholding.

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Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited has since the acquisition of KIL in May 2015, took over the management of the company bringing on board its rich experience as the largest pharmaceutical company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in South Africa.

As a major player in the Ghanaian Pharmaceutical Industries, KIL is a key member of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Ghana (PMAG) and a registered Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company with the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana (GFDA).

Currently, the company manufactures its own brands of Pharmaceutical generics at its production facility in Accra, Ghana. All the company’s branded products which include Trex Orix Forte Syrup, Kamaclox Mouthwash, Omega Oil, Kamatone Syrup, Major Nasal Drops and Liverplex B Syrup compete favourably with both imported and other locally manufactured products on the Ghanaian market. The high quality nature of the company’s brands which is well known to pharmacists and consumers alike has made them the preferred choice in the hospitals, clinics, health centres, pharmacies, among others.
KIL is committed to ensuring the availability of affordable, safe and efficacious medicines for Ghana and the West African Sub-region.

Awards & Accolades.

PMAYA PMAYA - Award 17th Oct. 2019
President's Manufacturers of the Year Awards on the 17th of October 2019

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Kama Industries Ltd bags HELEH AFRICA Award in Ghana
CEO of the Year - COYA Awards CEO of the Year - COYA Awards

The CEO & Director...

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Corporate Citizenship & Environment CEO of the Year - COYA Awards

The CEO & Director...

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Action is Awarded Superbrand Status
Our brands are recognized and loved by the families in 2008, Action was...
Maramoja is Awarded Superbrand Status
Our brands are recognized and loved by the family. In 2008...
Best Pharmaceutical Company In Tanzania 2014
Dr. Sanjay Advani accepts award in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Category from...
Beta Healthcare awarded with The...
Beta Healthcare International Ltd becomes an Aspen's Business Unit of the Year
International Award For Leadership in Image & Quality
GTL Award
Certificate of Leadership In Image & Quality

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Golden Hands - Visionary CEO
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Kama Industries News

World Pharmacist Day
Commemorating World Pharmacist Day
Sanjay Advani briefs Aspen SSA
Sanjay Advani briefs Aspen SSA

Sanjay Advani, Director & CEO - SSA (Aspen) Briefing to Aspen personnels in Sub Saharan Africa...

PMAYA - Award 17th Oct. 2019
PMAYA - Award 17th Oct. 2019

Shelys Pharmaceuticals Limited winner of the top Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Award, in the sector...

HELEH AFRICA Award in Ghana
HELEH AFRICA Award in Ghana

Kama Ltd emerged the winner in this year’s HELEH AFRICA , bagging the prestigious title  Africa...

CEO of the Year - COYA Awards
CEO of the Year - COYA Awards

The CEO & Director of Beta Healthcare International Limited, Dr Sanjay Advani was named the...


Featured Products

KAMACLOX Mouthwash 300ml
KAMACLOX Mouthwash 300ml

KAMACLOX Mouthwash 300ml contains Chlorhexidine Gloconate and Peppermint. Kamaclox is a ...

Cold Naso
Cold Naso

COLD NASO DROPS 0.5% Ephedrine Hydrochloride. Used for the relief of Nasal Conjestion in...

tres-orix FORTE
tres-orix FORTE

TRES ORIX FORTE SYRUP Contains cyproheptadine orotate, carnitine chlorhydrate, lysine...

Omega Oil
Omega Oil

Omega Oil Liniment relieves most external pains and reduces swelling and inflammation. It removes...

Kama Industries Calendar


Safety Health & Enviroment Management

Echo Balance

Eco-balance is a key issue in the current discussions and in saving our planet.

Depletion of fossil fuels CO2 emissions and global warming are a threat to our ecologic and economic balance.

Our company aims to contribute to ensuring eco-balance by taking initiatives towards energy saving and low carbon emissions.

Environmental management protocols are being developed in accordance with ISO 14001 to enable the company to participate in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in a near future.

Water Conservation

Kama Industries takes water as a resource which is limited and therefore continually puts in measures to conserve water. It comes up with Environmental Management Programmes with set targets as part of its annual objectives in Water Conservation.

Process waste water is treated to ensure set parameters are met before the water is discharged into the public sewer as per the requirements of EMCA Water Regulations of 2006. The company has in place a waste water treatment facility with enough capacity to treat the waste water to the required quality as required under the Water Quality Regulations.

Carbon Disclosure

The company compiles its energy consumption for use in calculating its carbon emission equivalent. There are measures put in place to reduce carbon emissions as part of the company’s Annual Environmental Management Programmes.

Energy Conservation

Kama Industries has in place an energy policy. Energy audits have been carried out and energy conservation programmes initiated as per requirements under Energy Act. The energy conservation programmes are taken as part of annual Environmental management programmes and objectives are set with targets to be achieved in energy use. Continuous monitoring of the programmes is done to ensure achievement of the set objectives and targets.

Air Emissions

Air quality measurements are done on an annual basis to ensure that what is emitted is within required regulatory requirements. Exhaust emissions from the boiler, generator and industrial trucks are measured to ensure that emissions levels are within specified regulatory limits as provided under EMCA-Air Quality Regulations, 2015. Measurements are done for particulate and VOCs in the work stations to ensure personnel are working in a conducive environment as per the requirements under Occupational Health and Safety Act-Hazardous Substance Rules and WHO guidelines.

Crisis Management

As part of its business continuity strategy, Kama Industries has identified the emergency situations it anticipates and kept in place emergency response plans. It has procedures for response to the emergencies and also tests these procedures periodically to ensure adequate preparedness. All employees are trained on steps to take during emergency situations.

Accident Rate

Kama Industries has under taken a comprehensive Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and kept in place mitigation measures for the identified risks. This has been done to proactively prevent incidents at the workplace. All incidents are investigated and corrective actions proposed and implemented to prevent re-occurrence. Key performance indicators are in place to measure SHE performance in terms of accident rates. The company aims at having minimum cases of accidents in line with its SHE policy.


Kama Industries takes compliance to regulatory requirements as key to its operations. It has a legal register which is updated quarterly and a legal unit which aids in updating the company on legal issues. Legal audits are done annually to check the level of compliance and propose corrective measures for any noncompliance noted.

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